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Friday, 14 August 2015

Portals are one of the best innovations of the dot com era. By being powerful transformative forces, portals have gained widespread adoption.
For buyers and sellers, B2B or business –to- business portals are proving to be very useful. Such online marketplaces are allowing a large group of traders and manufacturers to interact with each other and boost their business prospects.

While many advantages of B2B portals have been enumerated, the following benefits need special mention.

Wider supplier enablement 

SMEs often struggle to garner resources, finances and in-house skills to implement an electronic data exchange (or EDI) platform that can digitally exchange documents such as trade invoices, shipping invoices and quotations.

For large companies however, implementing EDI was not an issue.

B2B portals filled this gap in the market quickly and gainfully. All that a small enterprise needed was a computing device with an internet connection.

The costs expertise needed was minimal.

With barriers for entry into e-commerce greatly reduced, we are witnessing hundreds of companies profitably making use of B2B portals in their everyday operations.

Automation of business processes

B2B portals are facilitating strategic planning, mutual collaboration and other similar operations to be automated. By having such features online, these portals are providing a great deal of simplicity for enterprises to automate sophisticated processes and transactions.

Esources is a singular example of an all-inclusive portal helping merchants source wholesale merchandise from UK suppliers in a manner quicker than ever before.

Today has grown to be Britain’s largest address list of UK wholesale distributors, suppliers and products.

Many companies are already talking of this portal as being the most cost effective solution to raise awareness of products and services. enables its member access to over 700,000 trade buyers. This certainly opens up huge opportunities for enterprises to discover potential buyers and sellers, and grow revenue.


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